Forage Transport Trailer

The use of modern transport vehicles is a critical part of a successful harvest. One important link in this chain is the correct forage transport trailer.

  • robustness
  • driving stability
  • pulling quality
  • easy on grass and tires
  • Boogie chassis with extremely low pivoting point optimises driving comfort
  • hydrostatic suspension
  • conical design
  • 14 mm round steel chains with a tensile strength of 25 t eachs
  • scraper floor is mechanically driven from both sides
  • steel floor
  • volume:  33 - approx. 65 ³
  • unloading: approx. 12,2 m/min.
  • max. gross weight: 20 - 34 t
  • spring mounted drawbar
  • hydraulically lockable follow-up axle
  • angled front wall - can be folded down hydraulically
  • spot lights (option)
  • forced steering (option)



BERGMANN-transport trailers have been designed for alle agricultural operations which require quickness and economic efficiency.



The chain has to keep running - whether in grass, corn or when tranporting compost. The bins are bolted to the frames. The BERGMANN silage transport trailer stands out because of its robustness, driving stability and pulling qualities.


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